Dakiahimetai Menu

The best ramen

Lunch only!
Ramen and Tai-Meshi set 1,000 yen (tax included)

※You can choose the type of ramen and how spicy you want it.

Sea bream noodles
From 850 yen (tax included)

The most popular dish in our restaurant
Fresh sea bream and
and the kelp that goes well with it.
The ultimate tantanmen

Soupless sea bream noodles
From 850 yen (tax included)

Thick noodles entwined with thick sauce
The flavor and numbness
Many people keep coming back!
Try it with an egg!

Sea bream tsukemen with kelp water
980 yen (tax included)

Limited to 10 meals a day at night
Noodles soaked in kelp water with maximum flavor extracted from kelp
The noodles soaked in kelp water and
and the thick dipping soup of sea bream are in perfect harmony.

【Sold out】

Chilled sea bream ramen
〜2021 with truffle snow〜
980 yen (tax included) 

Summer Menu
Cold Ramen with Truffle, Caviar and Sea Bream
Colorful vegetables
stimulate your appetite!

side side menu

280 yen (tax included)

The most popular side menu
Rice filled with the flavor of sea bream and
and sea bream sashimi.

Truffle gratinee with flavored egg
250 yen (tax included) 

Gratin flavored balls with truffle

Homemade lemon sour
380 yen (tax included)


Replacement egg 100 yen (tax included)
Japanese egg 300 yen (tax included)
Cheese 100 yen (tax included)
Aji-tama: 100 yen (tax included)
Chashu pork 200 yen (tax included)